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Unusual annuals, biennials, bulbs, climbers, exotics, ferns and trees. Native trees are also available at the nursery.


Some plants available by mail order, call to discuss prices and details.




Acer buergeranum - Trident Maple
Small tree with dark green three lobed leaves and good autumn colour.

Acer rubrum - Red Maple
Fast growing American maple with shiny deep green, silvery backed foliage which turns a good red in autumn. Red flowers and fruits on mature trees.

Agapanthus 'Cally Hardy'
Deciduous free flowering form of the strap leaved and large flowered agapanthus. Good in containers, easily over-wintered under glass.

Alonsoa warscewiczii - Mask flower
A bushy annual with brilliant red flowers. Best in sun and sheltered situation. Height to 50cm. Price code O7

Asplenium scolopendrium - Hart's tongue fern
Evergreen fern with leathery leaves. Enjoys semi-shade and moist but well-drained soil. Height to 20cm

Begonia sutherlandii
Lovely small leaved begonia with masses of small orange flowers throughout summer. Can make impressive pot plant. Happy outdoors during summer but protect from harsh winds. See above for winter treatment.

Clematis heracleifolia
A herbaceous bushy clematis which will ramble within the border. Small blue flowers.

Clematis tangutica 'Sun Star'
Easy, vigorous climber with yellow bell-like flowers followed by fluffy seedheads which persist throughout the winter. Prune in spring as necessary.

Clematis viticella
Delicate climbing clematis with fragrant small purple-blue flowers during summer.

Cerinthe major 'Purpurescens' - Honeywort
An annual, with unusual glaucous foliage and small blue, bell-like, flowers. Self seeds freely. Height 60cm. (Seeds can be collected and sown the following year, in April, where they are to flower. Seeds are ripe when black.)

Commelina coelestis 'Sleeping Beauty' - Day flower
Half-hardy perennial with vivid blue flowers, each lasting a day, borne in profusion all summer. Can survive mild winters or lift and store crown. Price code O7

Cornus alba 'Elegantissima'
Variegated dogwood with brilliant red stems and white-edged green leaves. Prune hard to maintain good stem colour.

Cornus nuttallii
Making an attractive small tree this cornus will flower when mature and has brilliant red autumn colouring.

Cornus sanguinea 'Midwinter Fire'
Orange yellow bark on this fine stemmed cornus which can sucker.

Cornus stolonifera 'Flaviramea'
Bright green stems on this vigorous dogwood. Good for hedging and shelter.

Dahlia merckii
Vigorous, branding species Dahlia with single lavender coloured flowers. Makes good container plant and is then easily kept over winter in its container allowing the compost to dry out.

Dierama pulcherrimum - Angel's fishing rods
A clump of grass-like foliage bearing long, arching flower stems with drooping bell-like flowers in various shades of pink. Demands dry soils and sun. Good in pots. Height to 1m.

Erigeron mucronatus - Flea bane
Charming daisy with white flowers, ageing pink, on long stems. Likes sun and poor soil in sheltered site. May well self seed. Can succumb to cold winters if in wet soil. Height and spread 20cm. Price code O7

Elaeagnus angustifolia
An attractive small tree with downy young branches and silver leaves. Small fragrant flowers in summer. Best in a sunny sheltered position and free draining soil.

Eucalyptus dalrympleana - Broad leaved kindling bark
Very aromatic and attractive hardy eucalyptus with young shoots coloured red. Will grow rapidly in sheltered sites. Can coppice to keep growth in check. Will do best on light well-drained soils.

Eucalyptus gunnii - Cider gum
Evergreen silver-blue juvenile leaves on neat tree with peeling cream, pink and brown bark. Best coppiced to produce masses of silvery foliage on slender stems. Enjoys sun and well drained soil. Protect from severe weather when young.

Eucalyptus niphophila - Snow gum
Red stems and large oval leaves. Protect from severe weather when young.

Eucomis comosa - Pineapple flower
Large flowered form of the pineapple plant with white or green flowers edged purple. Easily kept in a pot in a frost-free place over winter.

Fatsia japonica (syn Aralia sieboldii)
Bold evergreen shrub with glossy deep green lobed leaves. Hardy but needs a sheltered site, tolerates sun best in shade. Happy in large container and can be sheltered in cold greenhouse over winter. Height and spread, dictated by container, can reach 2m plus.

Melianthus major
Fabulous shrub with glaucous grey fragrant leaves. Fast grower and frost hardy. Good in containers and can be over-wintered in cold greenhouse. Will regrow from roots if hit by frost.

Iris bucharica
Unusual pale yellow bulbous iris, flowering in late spring. Clumps up and likes sunny and well-drained soils.

Lunaria annua var. variegata - Honesty
Variegated form of white flowered honesty. Self seeds true if the purple form is not too close. Annual/ biennial habit. Price code O7

Matteuccia struthiopteris - Shuttlecock or ostrich fern
Deciduous fern, very hardy, with handsome upright fronds and strong rhizomes producing new plants thus building up a colony. Needs damp soil and shade. Height to 1m.

Onopordum acanthium - The Scotch Thistle or Cotton Thistle
An architectural treasure - but big! Tall, branching, spiny biennial with silver-grey woolly leaves and deep purple-pink thistle flowers, loved by butterflies. May seed. Likes rich well drained soil, preferably in full sun. Height 2 m plus. Spread 1 m. Price Code O7

Polystichium setiferum divisilobum - Soft shield fern .
Attractive evergreen fern with soft fronds, forms a low growing clump. Enjoys semi shade and well drained fertile soil. Height to 35cm, spread 50cm plus

Primula auricula - various
Hardy perennial, with glossy, sometimes mealy, leaves and sprays of variously coloured primrose-like flowers in spring. Can be grown in the border but best grown in pots and admired at closer quarters. Mealy leaved varieties best grown under cover as rain spoils leaves.

Puya berteroniana
Rosette-forming perennial with narrow dangerously toothed leaves. When mature will produce an unusual metallic coloured bromeliadtype flower. Give protection in winter.

Puya venusta
As for Puya berteroniana, but smaller and with reddish violet flower. Winter under glass, as above.

Salvia patens
Beautiful deep blue flowers borne freely on strong stems bearing soft oval green leaves. Not fully hardy but can be easily grown in a pot and over wintered in a cold greenhouse allowing compost to dry out. Bring into growth with sparing applications of water once shoots appear in spring. Likes sun and a sheltered spot where you can admire the flowers.

Silybum marianum - Blessed Mary's Thistle
Annual with architectural leaves. Very spiny, whitemarbled green leaves form an impressive rosette. Can self seed. Position with care. Sun and well-drained soil preferred. Height 1.2m, spread 60cm plus. Price code O7

Species Tulips
A number of species tulips are offered at the nursery in pots during spring. These dainty small tulips can establish quickly to form large clumps. They enjoy a sunny site, well drained and sheltered from strong winds.

T.backeri 'Lilac Wonder' Lilac pink with a yellow center. To 15cm
T.clusiana 'Cynthia' Delicate tulip with rose and pale green yellow petals. To 25cm
T. clusiana 'Peppermint Stick' Rose outer petals and inner white. To 25cm
T. hageri 'Little Beauty' Bright rose purple with blue base. To 10cm
T. humilis 'Persian Pearl' Deep purple red with yellow center. To 10cm
T.linifolia Red flowers with pointed petals. To 10cm
T. pulchella 'Little Princess' Orange red tulip with yellow zone at centre. To 15cm
T. sylvestris Golden, scented flowers, need confining. To 30cm
T. tarda Multi-flowered with yellow, white tipped petals. To 10cm
T. turkestanica Multi-flowered with ivory petals stained pale purple, yellow basal blotch. To 20cm
T. chrysantha Slender tulip with yellow and red-orange flowers. Height to 20cm.
T. hageri Red with green tinge, multi-flowered. Height to 20cm.
T. urumensis Slender yellow flowers on strong stems, with red and olive colouring to the reverse. To 15cm.

Verbena bonariensis
Slender tall annual with small purple-pink flowers attractive to bees and butterflies. Height to 1.2 m.

Viola nigra - 'Bowle's black violet'
A cheerful annual violet which self seeds readily. Small black flowers in abundance. Price Code OA





Last updated: 22 March, 2015