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Pond Plants

Please note that many perennial plants will also colonise damp water edges. Ask at the nursery for details.

Submerged oxygenating plants

Callitriche verna - Starwort (Native)
Will root into the silt, producing dense mats of bright green foliage rising to the surface. Particularily attractive near running water.

Eleocharis acicularis - Hair Grass (Native)
Fine grass-like aquatic for shallow water.

Hottonia palustris - Water Violet (Native)
Enjoys slightly acidic water and, once established, will form bright green mounds of growth bearing stalks of lavender flowers held high out of the water. Prefers quite deep water.

Ranunculus aquatilis - Water crowsfoot (Native)
Fine leaves below the surface, round three-lobed leaves on the surface and buttercup-like white flowers in spring.


Submerged floating leaved plants


Aponogeton distachyum - Water hawthorn
Beautiful, unusual, white flowers and handsome elongated oval leaves. Flowers are scented. Plant to 60cm depth. Enjoys partial shade and still water. Enjoyed by ducks! (Who will eat them.)

Nymphoides peltata - Water fringe (Native)
Vigorous, creeping aquatic with small waterlily-like floating leaves and pretty yellow flowers held high out of the water. Plant to 90cm, will spread rapidly.


Emergent plants


Acorus calamus variegata - Variegated sweet flag
Compact plant with broad iris-like leaves striped cream. Deciduous. Water depth to 30cm.

Carex muskingumensis - Umbrella flat sedge (Native)
Evergreen sedge with graceful foliage, suitable for shallow water to 10cm.

Carex pendula - Weeping sedge (Native)
See Grasses, will tolerate water depth to 10cm.

Cyperus involucratus - Umbrella plant
Striking semi-evergreen with strong stems supporting an umbrella-like arrangement of leaves. Hardy grown at water depth of 15cm.

Eriophorum angustifolium - Cotton grass (Native)
See Grasses, will tolerate water depth to 10cm.

Hydrocotyle vulgaris variegata - Marsh pennywort (Native)
Pretty variegated foliage held above water with small white flowers. Depth to 10cm.

Iris laevigata - Water Iris
Blue flowers on graceful small iris, depth to 10cm.

Iris laevigata 'Snowdrift'
As above with double white flowers

Juncus effusus spiralis - Corkscrew rush
A twisted rush for edges of ponds.

Mentha aquatica - Water mint (Native)
Vigorous spreading plant with attractive reddishgreen leaves and large spikes of mauve flowers. Will colonise water depth to 10cm.

Polygonum amphibium - Bistort (Native)
Small leaves and pink spires of flowers. Depth to 10cm.

Pontederia cordata - Pickerel weed
Handsome plant with bold heart shaped foliage held high above the water and attractive large spikes of blue flowers, depth to 30cm.

Ranunculus lingua - Greater Spearwort (Native)
Tall perennial with long, narrow leaves and reddish stems. Yellow buttercup flowers borne in clusters. Can spread rapidly. Depth to 30cm.

Scirpus zebrinus - Zebra rush
Rush-like foliage banded in white. Depth to 30cm.

Typha minima - Minature reed mace

Thin leaves and stems bearing brown pokerlike flowers on mature plants in warm summers.


Last updated: 14 March, 2013